Lists # 1/At 60: a few things I really want


To breastfeed,
Even for a minute.


To walk across coals,
Kiss you,
Set your lips on fire.


To play
The oboe
For beached whales.


To seize my father
From the clutches of oblivion and death,
Smell and ask him
Who in the world am I,
Where I came from
And why.


Yes I want world peace,
And a piece of it
Just for me,
Small maybe
But perfect now,
A warm hand or a light heart or a bird
Who knows the meaning of
All my names,
Flying ahead, behind and inside me.

                                                        -- Panama,  November 23, 2005

Missing pieces

Pieces of me
Are missing.

The whole of me
Is now less
Than the sum of my parts.

Where are my pieces?

Are they now part
Of someone else's puzzle?

I want them
I want at least some
Of my best pieces

But who has them?

Were they stolen?
Did I lose them or
Give them away?

How will I survive without
My pieces?

                                                      -- Panama, June 13, 2004