To a friend with Alzheimer’s

Everything is falling
Off the edge of everything
I stand at attention and salute
As he spins into darkness
Everything now a filigree of gold
Lifted by a breeze
Fragile fragile fragile
He is humming
Ever singing

                                -- New York City, 5 May 2015

I am Charlie Hebdo

I'm in bed
Thinking of waking
When the day breaks in
Wearing a balaclava
Carrying a Kalashnikov
Shouting my name

Charlie Hebdo

Now that I count my years
On a hand
I say to myself 
I can banish fear
Now that my bed launches me
Into orbits of delight
And peals of laughter

Charlie Hebdo

I know now there’s beauty enough
In the world
To fashion ten billion eyes
Strength enough to wield ten billion pens

I refuse to surrender
I will be the mocking storm
As they place stones on me like a tomb
I will take my little life to the world

                                    -- New York, January 8, 2015