Day at the circus

Came the circus to town
I stood in line
Bought my ticket
Expectations low
And was surprised

For a change the clowns weren’t sad
Clearly they’d made love all afternoon

The acrobats had wings
But were human after all
One of them cried after falling into the net

I could tell that one of the horses was galloping
In a parallel universe
Defying the whip

The mama elephant with huge scars on her side
Cut short her routine
To nuzzle her calf

A terrified girl in the crowd  
Was being comforted by a frightened boy

“The sawdust on the cuffs of my pants
Is so beautiful,”
I thought
“I’ll put my head into the lion’s mouth”
And I did
I did
I did!

That day I was
-- to paraphrase MacLeish --
Seven of the nineteen good people in the world

                                                -- New York, October 9, 2012 

Before the heat gets unbearable

Before the heat gets unbearable
Breakfast in the Secret Garden on 97th Street
Iced coffee whitefish on sesame bagel
Lucky me in the shade
Of one of the city’s only peach trees!

Questions pile up

Today’s question:
Does entanglement
"Spooky action at a distance" (Einstein)
Occur only in the quantum world?

What about that zig-zag couple
Of cabbage butterflies?
What about Rachel tugging at my heart
Across great distances?

In the Secret Garden a grown man trembles
Before the laws of physics
                                    -- New York, July 12, 2012