-- for the Prometheans

Here’s a Gillygaloo
Her eggs are made of air
And are perfectly square
Use them as dice to gamble
Or just scramble
She looks like you

This one is a Thermal Pig
Still hot from the Big Bang
He wants to sit on you
But whatever will you do
When he fries your thang
And melts your igloo?
He, too, looks a bit like you

This one’s a Pinnacle Grouse
With only one wing
Lifelong he circles a single mountaintop
Searching for his house
Will he ever stop?
Will he ever be through?
Maybe he resembles you

Let me introduce the Hoo-hoo Monkey
Most loveable of creatures
With peacock tail, elephant’s trunk and other endearing features
Warning: he smells pretty funky
This time of the year
Like you, I fear

Look up in that tree
And you will see
A pair of Weeping Me-Me’s
Wisely, they bury their tears in the dirt
And dig them out
In times of drought
Or when they’re sad or hurt
They remind me of thee

And last in our zoo
We have the Fruity-Bootie Bird
Just for you
A rare and intelligent species
He eats only his own feces
And smells, logically, like a turd
Invite him in
Invite him in for a laugh and a word
Your identical, umbilical twin!

                                                -- New York, December 21, 2010

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