I confess

Friends, I confess:
I have undressed
You all.

I have imagined you naked,
Every last one of you.

I have explored
Every living inch
Of you.

I never asked permission.

What I did in my head
Was my business.

But wait.
It gets worse.

When we were arguing
Or laughing
Or crying together
Or plotting
Our utopias,
Imagining you naked
Was not enough:
I also stripped you
Down to the bone.

I looked behind your beautiful faces
Observed your skull empty-eyed,
Jawbones clacking and yammering.

Your skeletons
Kept me such good company
Sitting across the conference table
Or holding hands,
Walking or singing.

Often I imagined our hearts beating,
Blood rushing to our brains,
Our lungs breathing for us,
Paying us no attention

I put you to
Or to loving.

I punished or tickled you

I placed you in every position

I sent you to the dark side of the moon,
Welcomed you back to Earth
With open arms.

I have done these things
All my life.

Not one of you
Has escaped.

Thank you

                                  -- New York, January 16, 2010

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