Reality poetry

This poem is coming to you live.
You are invited to invade its privacy.

Everything you see here
Is really happening

Everything that happens here
Has the same weight.

There is nothing important about it
Nothing noble or deep.

What you get to see
Is lots of blood,
The shit of every day,
Occasional births,
Shafts of light breaking through dark clouds.

The war inside this poem
May make you uncomfortable
But of course you are not required
To think or do anything
About it.

Inside this poem
30,000 children will starve to death today
But naturally it is possible to witness this
From a safe distance,
Amidst the peaceful if noisy
Comings and goings
Of your own children.

Everything here is inevitable,
Destined to be.

From here
You can safely watch the moon
Slitting its wrists.
Reading this
You are likely to feel compelled
To purchase many gadgets
And find happiness.

You can even observe the poem
Ruining its health,
Throwing its youth away.

Getting real,
Getting a life
Getting laid
Getting what's rightfully yours
-- it's all here too.

Come, embed yourself.
Report with me from the front lines.
Keen with me at the wake of the world.

                                                      -- Panama City, May 3, 2004

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