On the occasion of my 65th birthday

On the occasion
Of my 65th birthday
I hereby accept honeysuckle

I solemnly agree to monkeys and blueberries

I have nothing
But praise
For elephants
In their birthday suits

I declare that
I can live with only one moon

I am no longer opposed
To the opposable thumb

The antics of
Green and blue
Are not a problem

I'm not
Angry at 2:30

My embrace of the law of gravity
And its exceptions
Is non-negotiable

I have room now
For everyone
And their bellybuttons

                                  -- New York, September 14, 2010


Anonymous said...

well, happy birthday dear man! how fitting that you can celebrate this year with the arrival of a new bellybutton, that of halfdan. Thanks for blogging -- I look forward to wade into these words. annette in vancouver

Rick Rice said...

Love your stuff. Is it alright if I post something to my Fbook wall?

Robert David Cohen said...

Sure Rick. Nice of you!