I was dreaming about you

I was dreaming about you
When the alarm went off.

We were about to kiss
After a long absence.

It was an important moment
A turning.

"I am going to take a thousand pounds
off your chest," you said.

I had a surprise for you,
A secret long kept, ready now to be revealed.

But you were gone
After I shut off the alarm.

Did you slip into the worm-hole
Leading to the lives of the other Rachel and Robert?

The ones who are now sitting opposite one another
In a packed subway car

On their way to other jobs
Other loves and losses?

Are you now the woman who does not know that the hand of the man
Belongs on the small of her back?

Am I the man who never heard the sound of her breathing
The weight of her thinking in a quiet room?

They are vaguely aware of one another
But their eyes made for one another do not meet.

Magnets briefly tug at their hearts
As they leave the train and walk in different directions.

                                    -- Buenos Aires, March 29, 2004

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