Terms of surrender

Full of myself
Running on empty
I took a moonlit walk.

Breathing as usual,
A nobody looking at the stars,
Hating myself
For not understanding much of anything

I listened to my beard growing in the dark.

What I figured is that I am just dying for love
Stupid like everybody
Awestruck and aging.

I thought:

We are the by-product of some other project,
Something more important
The universe had in mind.

The night sky was whispering
To my grandsons as they slept
About the next stage of human evolution.

Everything was quiet
Secrets flying off in all directions
I could hear everyone being murdered by life
Everyone making love with it
Deep around the world.

But there I was, a silly little center of gravity,
Twinkling like a feeble star in the night.

I asked Amygdala to draft the terms of surrender.

                                             -- Panama, 11 March 2006

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