Lists # 6: Instructions


Take life 100% more
And 100% less seriously
So it all evens out
And you don’t have to take life
At all.


Live it backwards;
Get dying out of the way first
Then live it up a little.
Get born only when you’ve wised up.


Worship your descendents
Not your ancestors, the ones who fucked up the planet.        
Evolution may yet turn your great-grandchildren
Into human beings.


Refuse to sing national anthems, never salute flags.
Sing only ancient lullabies
Composed by fat, sexy goddesses.
Salute only hummingbirds.


Use just your kitchen.
Nail shut the doors to all other rooms.
Share last night’s dreams over breakfast.


Stop being assholes.
Pay special attention to the pain from a little paper cut,
How it fills your entire body just as pain fills the world.


Teach your children Chinese, birdsong, Arabic, silence,
An Amazon language on the brink of extinction.
Never raise your voice or your hand,
Only listen.


Give yourself away,
Give yourself time.
Kiss the palm of your hand before sleep
So it won’t be a fist in the morning.


Be iridescent!  Start fizzing!
Behave like a mensch!
Jump out of Pandora’s box!
Dance with your neighbors! 
Honor their elbows!
Hold yourself and every sweet goner,
Every other lonely thing.

                                                  -- Panama, August 27, 2006

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