Sam wants to be my friend

Sam who was born
At least once

Sam who
Is 4% Neanderthal

Sam who is pulsing like a firefly
In the buzzing evening

Sam who is happy like a worm in an apricot
Sam with a single love song like a finch

Sam who almost died and said
Fuck death
Like Leon Golub

Sam who is steeling and melting himself
Sam who is up and down to monkey business
Honey in his right ear
Shit in his left
A particle and a wave
Sam who inhabits svaha, the space between lightning and thunder
Sam who is rolling out dough on the powdered marble slab of his young life
Sam spiraling on a thermal

Sam wants to be
My friend
In the crime scene of the world!

                                            -- New York, June 6, 2010

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