This is what you can do now

                                                                                   for Dan

With this software
You can add or erase cities
From the map.

You can improve the weather, 
Play with the quality of light,
Alter the rate at which ice melts in the heart.

You can redistribute the planet’s resources,
Point rivers into deserts,
Arrange for massive rescues
Of the untouched and lonely.

You can open borders
And unite divided peoples,
Pull islands from the path of hurricanes
Sign peace treaties for both sides
And fill in empty spaces with love.

You can grow mangos anywhere you damn please.

You can assign names
To sea horses,
Scars and raindrops,
To the minutes of the day.
And get to know them all,
Individuals that they are.

This is what you can do now.

                                                                        -- Panama, October 20, 2005

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